Project Details

Client : TIPL
Area : 38,000 Sqft
Location : Delhi
Status : Completed
Development In : 2017


Underfloor Cooling

Our client’s challenge

TIPL is one of the leading providers of a wide range of infrastructure equipment representing some of the finest in global technology. They were planning to initiate a new commercial office in Delhi. As an engineering firm they believed in technology and innovation as driving principles to provide solutions for various challenges and requirements.

Our approach

A Radiant Cooling & Heating system was an ideal and innovative solution for their Air Conditioning requirements. Slab Radiant System was proposed in which pipes circulating cold/hot water were embedded inside the slab itself. Thus the radiant effect was propagated on both sides of the slab i.e. through the floor and the ceiling through a single set of pipes running through the slab.


Approximately 38,000 Sqft. of area was catered and human comfort was achieved with relatively higher (for Cooling) and lower (for heating) air temperatures.