Project Details

Client : REC
Area : 1.61 Lac Sqft
Location : Gurgaon
Status : On Going
Development In : 2017

REC World Headquarters

Slab Cooling

Our client’s challenge

The REC World Headquarters building is being built on an urban site of 4.2 acres. The idea for this building was that it should designed to be a bioclimatic building which responds to the effects of climate condition on the building form to evolve its shape and to be efficient in terms of Water and Energy management.

Our approach

The building spanned approximately 1.63 Lac Sqft. and built-up space which is designed like a plaza containing a playful mix of open, semi-open, enclosed office spaces, and a 400 seat auditorium. In order to design an Air Conditioning system for such an application which should be robust as well as energy efficient posed a huge challenge. Radiant Cooling system was introduced as an alternative to curb down the heat loads as well as to manage water flow. After a special Panel in REC examined all advantages of the system, they decided to go with it by embedding the pipes in post tension slab.


REC World Headquarters building project in Gurugram has been presented with the 'Winner of the Year' award during the 9th GRIHA summit (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) on 19th December 2017 at New Delhi. REC won the award in Integrated Water Management and Energy Management category.