Project Details

Client : K. J. Somaiya
Area : 9,500 Sqft
Location : Mumbai, Maharashtra
Status : Completed
Development In : 2017

KJ Somaiya

Underfloor Cooling

Our client’s challenge

K. J. Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology is an autonomous institute which was set up to impart education in the field of Information Technology and allied branches of Engineering and Technology. The college building is an eight-storied structure and houses all the departments of the college. The top most floors comprises of different IT labs ranging from A to E having a total area of approx. 10,000 Sqft. The Air Conditioning load requirements of these labs were very high due to the large no. of students and appliances accommodated in comparatively small areas.

Our approach

This would have caused selection of larger capacity Indoor units than usual and the design of the Air Conditioning system would have been complex due to increased Tonnage and confined area for Installation. A solution was provided in which most of the Sensible loads were catered by the Radiant system, leaving only the Latent loads.


Due to this the Capacity of Indoor units reduced and the design was simplified. Apart from the above aspects, the comforts experienced by the students were also different than what they had experienced through All Air systems. As an Institute of Engineering they embraced this innovative concept gracefully.