Project Details

Client : IIM Kashipur
Area : 1.15 Lac Sqft
Location : Uttarakhand, India
Status : Completed
Development In : 2015

IIM Kashipur

Slab Heating & Cooling

Our client’s challenge

To tell the truth, “IIM” tag is the foremost reason which make the students feel proud that they are studying in a national importance college. In order to maintain its legacy, the institute was planning a permanent campus for it which comprises approx. 200 acres. Not only did they want the view of Campus to be large and unique, but also they wanted the students and staff to stay there to have a mesmerizing experience. As the institute is located on the outskirts of Kashipur, winter becomes a completely new adventure and challenge as the temperature drops to 2-degree Celcius in the night, and the temperature rises exponentially during summer. A system had to be provided to cater to the heating demands but it had to be something different and drizzling.

Our approach

In order to meet these intense demands, the Radiant Heating/Cooling system was proposed as a profound solution. The radiant system is an energy-efficient system targeting the comfort of a human being rather than the air temperature, thus meeting the heating/cooling requirements and providing energy savings. Also as this system was to be installed in their hostel block measuring approximately 1.2 Lac Sqft. The slab system was proposed.


This project has been certified by GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) as energy-efficient and Thermally Active Building.