Project Details

Client : Hotel Grand Dragon Leh
Area : 10,500 Sqft
Location : Leh, Jammu and Kashmir
Status : Completed
Development In : 2016

Hotel Grand Dragon Leh

Underfloor Heating

Our client’s challenge

The Grand Dragon Ladakh is one of the first luxury hotels in Ladakh. It is owned and operated by the Abdu family from Leh, who have more than 40 years of experience welcoming visitors to the beautiful region. The management of the hotel was planning to introduce and implement state of the art amenities and they were obsessive on operating their hotel on green energy. Amongst these different systems, they also had the vision to incorporate a heating system in the hotel which not only would be centrally operated but also would be eco-friendly. – 36 Luxury Rooms

Our approach

The radiant Heating system was proposed as an eco-friendly and optimum solution for heating their heating applications, as water is used as a medium of heat transfer in this system. Pipes were embedded inside the floor and walls for optimum output. A total no. of 36 Luxury rooms were catered through Radiant system. This system was installed in different rooms compiling to an area of about 10,500 sqft.


The hotel proved to be the first of its kind in Ladakh with optimum energy savings and green building solutions as they coupled the energy required to run the Radiant system with energy generated through solar panels, thus achieving maximum efficiency and minimum operational cost.